My Values

I value...

  1. Strength of character. Courage to face adversity; bravery above all else. Strength to face hard truths - personal weakness - personal impediments to winning.
  2. Intentionality. A burning desire to win. โ€œWhat will you sacrifice to win?โ€ Look at my sacrifices. I donโ€™t live a normal life.
  3. Intensity; High energy - Rest is taken only as a necessity, not an objective.
  4. High Integrity - Low integrity is a tail-risk, a systematic fragility that jeopardizes EVERYTHING. It takes 10 years to build trust, and 5 minutes to destroy it. Know what Honor is. Choose principles and stick to them.

With incredible strength, a burning desire to win, high energy, and high integrity - an individual becomes a force. They will sacrifice anything, they will acquire any skill, there exists no knowledge they won't seek, no truth too painful to face, and they will rework and fix any part of themselves that fails to move them toward their intention.

strength + intention + intensity + integrity = a dedication to growth.

Dedicate yourself to systematically conquer every motherfucking impediment between you and your intended destination.