Barbell Strategy

Build a house entirely out of stone.
Build out house out of wood and Tyvek wrapping, flame retardant insulation and live nearby a well-funded fire department

Take care of your health. Live as naturally as possible.
Take risks with your health, and rely on a medical system that intervenes withsurgeries and treatments.

Own the house you bought with cash and risk it losing its value.
Finance the house and have a generous financial system in place that lets youborrow the money to own it at a low FIXED rate.

Bootstrap your business and own 100%.
Take investors into your business, lose absolute control but grow at a fasterrate with injected capital.

Be conservative with your risk management.
Pay a membership fee to join a risk pool (insured group) and take risky actionsand exercise the policy in a tragic event.

Neither is right or wrong. Different strategies for different scenarios.